Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wavelength Magazine Sold

This just in. John Kimantus has purchased Wavelength magazine. He will assume the editors roll this fall. Kimantus is the owner of Wild Coast Publishing, which publishes kayaking guidebooks, maps, and a new kayak magazine called "Wild Coast Magazine."

His products come with a high degree of professionalism. They look good and clearly reflect Kimantus' journalism experience.

Kimantus is a strong advocate for kayaking and not afraid of taking on controversial issues. This spring he sparked a voracious on line debate with his strong stand relating to Native Land Claims. Kimantus was concerned that current and future land claim settlements might have an impact on kayak access to the west coast.

As he's in the guild book and kayak map business access availability could have a tremendous impact on his business.

Having strong views and willing to raise controversial issues are two qualities that make for a great publisher. Hopefully Kimantus will help push kayak publishing into the future. Kayaking has matured as a recreational industry. It's time for kayaking journalism to morph as well. In the past some kayak magazines where little more then news letters around which advertisers could hang ads. Magazines willing to take on issues that face kayaking would be welcome.

This is territory already explored by Scott MacGregor publisher of Adventure Kayak. But I'm sure he'd welcome some company.

Visit Wavelength here.

Visit Wild Coast Publishing here.

Visit Adventure Kayak here.

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