Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Expansion Plans Dropped

Rogers' Chocolates quickly backed off on plans to expand the heritage chocolate shop on Government Street in down town Victoria.

Citizens high on chocolate and sugar threatened all sorts of dire actions should the new corporate owners of Victoria's venerable chocolate company push through expansion plans. Some threatened to buy their chocolates from arch rival and Vancouver s own iconic chocolate company Purdy's.

When it was discovered Rogers' had sold out to a Toronto based food processing giant, the good burgers of Victoria almost spit their maple creams out in shock and dismay.

What's this to do with kayaking? Not much. However the consumption of chocolate during kayaking lunch stops on the west coast has always meant at least one communal sharing of an extra large chocolate bar. The better the bar the better the impression made.

The other tradition is to finish the paddle in either a pub or a coffee shop. Newbies should of course stand for the round.
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