Thursday, April 17, 2008

In Praise of BC Health Care

Health care services are under great stress. Not enough Doctors, money, nurses, hospitals coverage, the issues seem endless. While all these issues are complicated and seemingly without solutions I want to relate my praise for the BC Health Care System.

Earlier this week I was checked in for day surgery. I have had a possible cancerous growth removed. I will know within 10 days if it was malignant. From the time I checked in to the time I left the quality of care and attention I received was great.

Things were explained to me, countless times, the health care professionals were courteous, kind and even humorous. The hot blankets were great. My day surgery took fours hours. I hope my employers don't find out there are people out there who can squeeze a days work into four hours. They will be asking me to do it next.

While this may not be kayak related some of us belong to that baby boomer generation that's getting on. Don't neglect your health. Get check ups and take care of yourself.

There are three things required to be a proficient kayaker. Hard skills. The braces, strokes and boat handling techniques that we learn hopefully from truly knowledgeable sources - professional coaches or competent mentors.

Second is knowledge of the environment. How to read the wind, waves, weather and water is an acquired skill that takes a long time to accumulate.

The third element is judgement. Having skills and knowledge takes you only so far. Judgement is the wisdom to do know what to do, at the right time. It's the use of, and knowing how to use, your skills and knowledge that will either keep you safe or lead you into trouble.

Those three things also apply to our health. Take care

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