Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hannah and Gordin's Perfect Vacation


Eight hours out of Victoria and we've already made Vancouver.  Modern travel is so convenient. If I was paddling across Georgia |Strait there's no way I could have made it this far in such a short time.

We're now en route to Frankfurt.  We had no plans to visit the Teutonic City this morning but the cancellation of our 14 minute 10 AM flight to Vancouver has compounded.  Utilizing a mathematical formula devised by mortgage actuaries we will  now arrive in Paris on a Thursday in a week yet to be determined.

Not all is lost we just had word from Lufthansa, who came to our rescue after Air Canada failed us, and the word is that the lightning strike has not rendered the aircraft completely un-airworthy and that as soon as they can find a crew willing to fly it we'll be off.

Ya ve vill be fluggin even un half hour earlier den skcedulaled.  Dunka. They even threw in a $20 meal voucher which we've drank away at the bar.  Air Canada was also very generous and provided us with a $7 coffee voucher good at either Victoria or Vancouver.  I used it at Starbucks where the cashier was not sure if it was for $7 each or together. I ensured her it was worth a total of $14.  "But sir I can't give you change, she said.  That's ok just throw in a chocolate chip cookie and we're even.  So she rang up the cookie and it came to an even $100.  I turned to the gentleman who was patiently waiting next to me and pointing at the total on the screen said,

"You pay a little more for the cookies but they're worth it."  He was still laughing as I picked up my coffee and the double skinny no fat for Hannah.  Traveling is a connection of one joyous event followed by another.

So come along with Hannah and I on our tour through France via Germany.  I'll promise photos, racy pictures from French beaches and timely updates from exotic places, such as the departure lounge at Vancouver International.

Friday, June 17, 2011


There's a new toy in the garage. 
Where I thought I would be sleeping for the rest of my married life.  However, there may be something to the old saying, "women like bad men."  After the wife got over the shock, I guess she just didn't believe me when I said I was going to buy a motorcycle, things have be running really smooth on the home front.
Excuse me, my breaks over.  I've just got to vaccum, wash the floors, dust, do the laundry, make dinner, then iron, mow the lawn......
This is from the top of Mount Tolmie looking southwest over Victoria toward the Olympic Penninsula.
The last shot is looking Northeast back toward Vancouver where the mighty Bruins recently vanquished the Canucks.

Posted by PicasaClick any picture for a nice blow up.  Check out that speedo.  That's just nuts.