Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kayak Camping on Saturna Island

Parks Canada is currently developing seven back country or marine accessible camp sites on Narvaez Bay on the south end of Saturna Island.

Although it's been widely reported that you can now legally camp on Saturna, the actual camp sites won't be ready until the first of June. Parks Canada will install either tent platforms or tent pads.

The camping area will be located on the southwest shore of Narvaez Bay where the current day use area is. Expect to pay at least $5 per night to camp. The site currently has an outdoor privy. Bring your own water.

Although Narvaez Bay is exposed to southeast storms the small half moon beach behind a fish hook point will provide excellent shelter for anyone caught out in worsening weather.

Hats off to Parks Canada and the planners with the Gulf Island National Park Reserve. They worked with the kayak community and responded positively to requests for just such a camping facility.


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