Monday, May 5, 2008

Circumnavigating Vancouver Island

Jonathan Reggler and Doug Taylor will be having a go at circumnavigating Vancouver Island, starting May 4th in Courtenay. You can follow their progress at the following blog

I really don't know what to say about this. I spent a fantastic weekend with Jonathan getting bashed about at Okisollo last year. It was wonderful to spend a weekend not having to defend the fact that I paddle a British boat. His is identical to mine, except that I have a few more scratches.

Jonathan is a fine paddler, perhaps a bit crazy, definitely fearless. Doug I don't know. With Jonathan's attention to detail, skill, and good humour this should be a truly great adventure.

I have to tip my hat to a man that can correctly blind taste and identify the single malt poured from a flask while sitting on a log soaking up the last rays of the evening sun.

"I believe that's Arbalour," said Jonathan. Well it was good to know that all that time spent in the British Army was not wasted. Here's the lads bios.

DOUG TAYLOR - former officer in the Canadian Forces (36 years) and manager at Osgoode Hall (7 years), retired to the Comox Valley in 2004. Can be found in my NDK Explorer HV, when not having a coffee at Rhodos or hanging out at Comox Valley Kayaks where I teach Paddle Canada courses.

JONATHAN REGGLER - Ex-British Army medical officer, became a civilian GP in the United Kingdom for 11 years then immigrated to the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, in 2003. Sea kayaking since 2004. Family physician in Courtenay.

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