Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Isle of Man Fund Raising at Victoria International Airport


We're over the top! Yesterday thanks to the generosity of the public and workers at the Victoria International Airport the Round Isle of Man project has raised just over $5,100 in donations and pledges. A total of $404.60 was raised at the airport!

To date an amazing $4,700 has already been collected for the Canadian Cancer Society.
I am going to press on see how great a total I can reach. I certainly want to clear the $5,000 ceiling in actual donations. So the hard work will continue, along with my treatments which are half over.

Logistical planning for the Isle of Man trip is also continuing, supplies, and equipment are being double checked however, I have given up on trying to get under the airline maximum weight limit - I'll pay the over weight penalty just to ensure I have the proper safety equipment and a change of socks. Training has also lagged behind schedule, but it'll get done or I'll suffer

A big thank you goes out to the Victoria Airport Authority who not only chipped in a whopping $1,000 but also granted access so that I could set up inside the airport and make the appeal for funds. Thanks to all who are making this project such a great success!

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Kristin Knight said...

Hi Gordin!
We want to include your trip around the Isle of Man in our "Kayak for a Cause" section. Do you know approximately what dates you'll be paddling? Should we list the blog site as the website to find more information about your trip or do you have another you'd like to list? Thanks! Kristin Knight, Executive Editor, Sea Kayaker Magazine