Sunday, June 8, 2008

Isle of Man Update

If your are a regular reader of this blog you will see that I have made a change to the running total to the right.

I've dropped all names except those of donors who specifically have told me they don't mind their names being published. I have also retained the names of corporations who have made a donation.

I have struggled with this over the past week. I was so elated at how this campaign has taken off that I simply wanted to shout out how generous people have been. Once I came down off that high I thought maybe I should back off a little, so I went to initials.

Still not feeling comfortable with this I've adopted this much more conservative policy.

Three companies whose names are not listed there, but without their support this endeavour would never have gotten off the beach, are. Body Boat Blade, Sea Kayaking UK and Werner Paddles. Shawna Franklin and Leon Sommé of BBB have been my coaches for the past three or four years. Without their training and logistical support I would be sunk. Sea Kayaking UK is really Nigel Denis, who is building the kayak I will paddle. Without the boat I'd have to walk. Finally Werner Paddles has graciously provided a four piece take apart Ikelos that I can pack over with me. Of course I don't have to tell you where I'd be without a paddle.

Over the weekend two pledges came in that now bring the total raised to $3,700.

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