Monday, June 2, 2008

Good News Bad News

Good news arrived yesterday. First I was able to reach Nigel Denis in sunny, yes sunny Wales. He's building me a Romany Surf for the trip around the Isle of Man. He'd graciously offered to loan me a kayak, but since I want to bring the kayak back to Victoria, I thought I should turn the loan down. I wouldn't want it to become like my hockey gear that my Mom loaned out - never to be seen or smelled again.

So I'm buying the boat.

The other good news came in the form of an e mail from Heidi Erland of Werner Paddles. She's the Werner Sales Rep for Northwest, Midwest, and W. Canada. She wrote to tell me that Werner would be lending me a four piece take apart paddle for the trip. This was really great news as it means I'll be able to take the paddle stuffed inside my checked baggage.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to pack kayaking kit for a week long trip, renovation tools, and clothing for six weeks. Still more good news, the roofers for the cottage I'll be renovating, with my brother in-law, hope to have the job done before we arrive. That's a slate roof on a cottage without road access in the mountains of Snowdonia. Think about it and you'll see how this is great news. Gareth, the in-law, and I are already talking about additional down time - Dublin maybe. Buy Guinness shares now!

Early this afternoon I walked into the Canadian Cancer Society and turned over $635 in cheques and cash to a very happy Murray McAllindon. It's fun watching people break open in big smiles.

The bad news is things are hot in Yemen where Gareth and my wife's sister are living and working when not in Wales. Late last week they essentially flew back into a full on civil war. Here's an excerpt from his latest e mail:

...while I was away the local military was pounding at a village holding so-called rebels just 12 miles from the capital centre which closed the airport for a couple of days. helicopter gunships and other fun toys. then just yesterday some happy boy with an AK47 killed 8 after Friday prayers and wounded 20 others outside a mosque 2 hours up the road. it's getting pretty hot around here.

And I thought I had problems.

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