Monday, February 28, 2011

Sooke Inlet

Sooke Inlet is a fantastic place to kayak. Traditionally it has been a wild west coast style of paddling destination. It can be extreme, unforgiving and remote.

Alas the remote part is being encroached upon by the gradual development of homes in the Silver Spray real estate project at the end of East Sooke Road.
Luckily the building has not really affected the views. At the rate the houses are going up it will be years before the landscape is greatly altered. The two exceptions are the lame and future optimistic "marina," and the fictional fresh water treatment plant.

Yesterday I got in a short paddle with my sister in law Robin and her friend Joan from Prince Robert out along this coast. It was one of those maritime days where squalls would blow in, out, and then blow back in. We managed to squeeze our paddling into the gap between two of the squalls. Currents Race Rocks Turn 1008 Max 1519 -4.6 Just as we finished the predicted afternoon gale winds arrived. Trip 4.04 nm Max speed 7.9 kt in the standing waves off of Whiffen Spit, Moving time 1h 33 min. Temperature -3 to +6 Wind west 10 to 15 rising to 20 to 35 in afternoon. Tucked in tight by the fire when the winds started driving the rain straight into the windows. Nice to be warm with a cupa tea.

Check the adjoining slide show for more pics. Best viewed on a full screen.

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gnarlydog said...

A very dynamic image. Conveys well the confusion of the water close when waves meet the shore. Excellent picture.