Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shackleton's whisky

What fools we mortals be.Take a look at this bit of folly. Just click on the above headline and read. Can you believe the scientific community.

What sort of fools would leave perfectly good whisky on a frozen lump of rock. It must have broken Shackleton's heart to leave this stash behind but he was a man with visionary leadership and knew what had to be done.

And now his heart must be breaking all over again. Two, that's right "two", cases of whisky were left behind along with a case of fuel oil called brandy.

Surely to God there are some intrepid kayakers out there that are prepared to mount and expedition to correct this oversight.

The remaining cases should be recovered and used to toast Shackeleton on the anniversary of his crews safe return until the last drop is gone.

The celebrations could be held at the Royal Society in London. Those toasting could be chosen by an international lottery. That would be in keeping with Shackeleton's belief in a meritocracy. Well at least everyone could have a go at a wee dram.

Best of all the whisky would not go to some gob with a snoot full of money which is what those money grubbing New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust types seem to have in mind for the case they recovered.

Think about this. There's 624 rounds of one ounce each in two cases. A proper toast requires two drinkers so the event could be held for the next 312 years before the whisky runs out. Say lottery tickets cost $10 each and each year you sold 10,000 tickets around the world. That's a $100,000 a year for 312 years for a gross of $31,200,000. The two winners could be flown first class to London from anywhere in the world and put up in the Savoy each year and the earnings would still be insane.

There might even be enough to fund the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust for a couple of seasons. Perhaps some of the money might even fund some meaningful scientific work in the polar region. If the NZ types can't see the logic in this I hope the residents of King Edward Point go for a walk about, dig up the remaining cases, and start the lottery.

And as for sending bottles to Canterbury. Good lord, doesn't anyone remember the closing scene in Raiders of the Lost Arc. Kiss those bottles good bye. The best that can be hoped for is for some janitor to discover them, drink the contents, and refill the bottles with tea.

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