Monday, February 7, 2011

Back to Baynes Channel

Sunday I met up with Mike, Dan, Paulo, George and a new friend Gerhardt. We paddled out to Baynes Channel and then over to Discovery Island. On the way we came across a wonderful site. Two kayakers basking in the excitement of a great morning paddle.

When we arrived at Cadboro Point Yves and Patty where on the shore. Yves was jumping up and down like a little boy shouting in his French Canadian accent, "you should have seen it, the waves where huge". He and Patty had arrived and launched from the adjacent Smugglers Cove at 8:30. They got into the tide race at it's peak. If you ever meet Yves his enthusiasm and charm will win you over in a flash and you'll have made another friend.

It didn't take long for the old hands at Baynes tide race to get excited and soon Yves, Patty and all but, Mike and Gerhardt were back into the race to surf the waning waves. Gerhardt was trying out one of Mike's skin on frames so kept everything cautious as he sorted out the handling.

It was great fun to see all the kayaks out in the race. Wish more locals would push their skills and test themselves out here even if it does mean it'll get crowded. Eventually I came back in and hooked up the camera to take some shots. I missed most of the best of the action but click on the headline to view the entire photo set. I set the camera to take 160 pictures, one every 10 seconds.

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