Sunday, January 25, 2009

Race Rocks and Baynes Channel Trips

This past week I managed to get in on a couple of club paddles. the first one out to Race Rocks on what turned out to be one of the flattest days, water wise, that I have experienced at RR. I followed that up with a lumpy crossing of Baynes Channel off Oak Bay yesterday.

Saturday in Baynes was a cold day with winds from the NE from 10 12 knots but it was a lot of fun. The waves were just at that size to keep things interesting not to large, not to small, just right. The less experienced had fun while the jaded and twisted were kept amused.

The beach talk got kind of animated as the leader for the days paddle chose to split the group into those who wanted to stay inshore and those who wanted to challenge themselves in potentially rougher water. It was policy versus flexibility. Thankfully flexibility won the day but perhaps not the battle.

Wednesday at RR was a much larger paddle 13 in total made the crossing there and back. As there was little current at the rocks we detoured and slipped down the coast to the Bedford Islets before doubling back to Pedder Bay.

Brown Ale! IPA!, Brown, IPA and the debate goes on and on...

Around the corner from Rocky Point the military boys had the red danger flag up as they were playing with high explosives under water. Which curtailed any opportunity to go rock hopping in one of the best areas along that coast. In all the years I've paddled here that was the first time I'd seen the warning flag flying. Truth is I missed it entirely until it was pointed out.

Between the paddles I attended a very informative workshop on how to use your GPS. Finially I'm now on the cusp of being able to use the GPS for something more then a paper weight. Here's some numbers from Saturday trip 7.44Nm, Moving time 3hr07min, Max Spd 6.9 (surfing) Moving avg 2.4 overall av 1.8 Soon I'll have some charts an will be able to plot routes, trips and stuff. Wow! Here's a link to a short slide show of Baynes Channel with little current and winds from the NE at 10 to 12 knots.

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