Monday, January 5, 2009

The Joy of Christmas Gift Giving

This year I consulted my sister in-law regarding a gift that would wow my wife. Together we decided that a second pair of flannel pyjamas and slippers would be just the ticket. It's taken a while for me to wizen up but I'm not a total idiot.

My wife exchanged the pyjama's and slippers yesterday.

I've fired my sister in-law as a consultant and will be approaching sister number two with suggestions for a suitable birthday gift in February, followed by sister number three for Valentine's Day should things not work out with two.

I on the other hand I got two miniature Delft porcelain cats, a sugar bowl and a creamer for Christmas presents from my beloved.

I'll pause while you catch your breath.

Imagine my delight a I placed the cats on the mantel. First I put one at each end, then I tried both in the middle, both to the right, then left, one facing east the other west, both looking at one another, finally exhausted I just left them sitting wily nilly. Such fun.

Turning to the sugar bowl and creamer, I resolved to leave them for another day and walked down to the pub for a pint.

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