Sunday, August 17, 2008

Off to the Isle

Today I leave for the Isle of Man. The anticipation is growing, as is the worry, warm weather has not materialized it continues to be wet windy and wet. Where is summer? Discovered my high tech emergency laser flare does not work. Hopefully I won't need it. Warm clothing is is short suppyly as is cold weather paddling kit. I now plan to blitz the paddle just to stay warm and get off the water as fast as possible between the low pressure fronts that seem to be constant.

Have not been able to get weather reports off my VHF, likely too far from ocean up in the hills. Hopefully that'll be resolved as I move down and closer to the sea. The GPS can't find any satellites and I have yet to sort out the input of OR co-ordnances. I'll rely on a compass and dead rec conning. Power is dropping on computer so that's all for now.


Anonymous said...

After all that beer, it's no wonder you need to blitz just to burn off some kcal. Have a great trip, GW. See you back on the Wet Coast; I know we look forward to an amazing slideshow at an upcoming SISKA night.

Mike J said...

Hi Gordin, give the GPS some time (15 mins or more) to acquire position the first time. It often has a conniption when it is moved a long way from the first location.
Need any help with OR coordinates?

Anonymous said...

Hello Gord
We miss you at work, we are having the time of our lives, much like yourself. If you are going to keep whinning about the weather just bare in mind you were the one who wanted to go off to Wales and drinik beer and carouse with the locals (foolish boy). We all wish you good luck and DON'T do anything dumb, that water gets some cold up there.
Take care buddy. Al