Friday, August 29, 2008

News Flash Zoom Goes Belly Up

This morning a gentleman from Scottish Power came by to examine the power line drop at the cottage. After he was finished he asked if I was from Canada? Then if I was flying Zoom.

Yeah, why, I replied. "You don't have radio or telly up here?" No I don't. It's pretty basic, why? "Then you have not heard?" says he. Heard what, I asked.

"Why Zoom suspended all flights and has gone into receivership, asn't she."

I broke out laughing and I'm sure by the look on his face he thought me mad. But, I could not help myself he sounded so much like my Dad parceling out the bad news, chewing over every morsel as if to extract every bit of flavour from it.

After quickly saying his good byes, surely he thought I'd been up here too long, I packed out a few things and headed down the hill.

Down in Conwy I set about solving this later problem. I booked a ticket home on a more solvent airline, or so I hope, called my wife, updated the cottage owners and started what will be along process of getting my kayak home - if at all.

As a consequence I will be returning to Victoria a week earlier. Plans to kayak around Wales have been suspended. My kayak was holed in a parking lot accident, has yet to be repaired and may not be until after I return.

Money is now running short as my budget for the last 12 days in country has just been consumed by a one way ticket home. I'll spend my time up at the cottage throwing myself into the reno work, cut back on the pub nights and take in some long walks. More later.

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