Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mist in the Valley

Yet another front has moved into the Conwy Valley. There's been almost no rain for the past two days but there has also been very little sunshine. Now a mist of fog and cloud has slipped down off the moors to fill the valley. Conwy is obscured behind a veil. Oddly there is no wind at all.

Hasn't the wind always blown up here, I cannot recall such quiet. Even the sheep in the pasture have gone to ground, their seemingly constant bleating has come to an end. I wonder if this is a foretelling of a coming storm.

The embers in the fire need attention, dry wood is running low and although there is plenty in the garden neatly stacked it needs to season and dry. No worry in five days I'll quit the cottage and head to Manchester. My kayak will have to be sorted out on Monday. I think a trip to Holyhead to plead for support will be required.

Up here I'm cut off. To connect I have to drive 20 minutes down the lane into Conwy. Yesterday the rental car was side swiped by a giant MB SUV. Any joy in driving is gone. No doubt there will be a deductable to pay when I return the car.

Once down I borrow time on a computer at the library. Check emails and try to connect with friends and family. After my time runs out I walk over to to “Coffi Conwy”, an internet coffee house, buy a cup of joe (white) and log on with my own lap top. I up load the notes and comments I've prepared the night before, then head back up the hill to the cottage, packing in whatever supplies I need.

If the time is right I try to make a call home from a phone box. this is usually frustrating as I frequently get answering machines, or if I do connect I rapidly run out of coins for the phone and get cut off in mid sentence. That's very annoying.

One bright ray of sunshine was the travel agent in Conwy. After exhausting my time trying to book a flight with the information the now defunct Zoom Airways was providing I walked into the local travel agent and with her help quickly had a flight home booked. I'm taking them coffee and cookies tomorrow to show my appreciation.

It means a drive down the lane, but it has to be done. The fire is almost out, got to attend to it.

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