Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gear for Circumnavigating The Isle of Man

One week to go. I separated out all the gear I want to take with me to complete my circumnavigation of the Isle of Man. I need enough equipment for a five day paddle and it all has to weigh less then 44 pounds. Every pound over means I pay an overweight penalty to the airlines. Everything you see here weighs 45 pounds.

Here's the gear list.
Hats 3 - (BBB, Tiley, Welsh), Sunscreen, Mesh tote bags 2, sleeping pad, dry bags 4 small, PFD (Kokatat MsFit)
laser flare signal device
hand held compass
emergency 1st aid kit
emergency repair kit
China marker
dive knife
strobe light
flash light
deck compass, paddling shorts, one mil wet suit (Navaro), Kokatat rash guard, First aid kit, map chart case 2, stove Brunton, pots and pans knife fork spoon combo, Kokatat paddling jacket Kokatat rash guard shirt, Reed spray deck, mug, prescription sunglasses, paddling gloves, GPS,VHF, Ordinance map Isle of Man, Emergency Bivy bag, Small towel, water proof note book, Tow rope, Poncho, neoprene boots, Werner 4 piece Ikelos paddle, kayak wheels, paddle lease, sleeping bag, thermal tights top/bottom, wool socks 3 pair, sandals, fleece shirts 2, fast drying paddle pants

After reaching 45 pounds I started pulling items. The emergency repair kit that i normally carry was tossed. I'll rely on duc tape and a plastic dinner place mat for holed through repairs. The sleeping bag is gone, I'll borrow one along with a tent. The helmet came out but went back in. Currently the oversize hockey bag that I'm using to carry all the gear plus gear weighs 44 pounds. Only my shaving kit has to be packed.

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