Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Morning Paddle Feb 11th 2008

Up early and hooked up with Mike Jackson for a short but fun Monday morning paddle. Launched from Smugglers Cove on the North side of 10 Mile Point in Victoria BC. Headed out with a ebb current 4.1 knots and about 10 knots of SW winds. We stayed inshore and played in the rocks. Ran into some nice lumpy stuff at the head land and managed to get my bow toggle to do the "chatter" as the bow surfed down the standing waves.

We slipped into Smugglers Cove to look for our friend George but he must have been home tucked in under the blankets. Turning back we stayed even closer inshore and worked the back eddys up to Queen Alexandra hospital. There are some real monster homes along this stretch of shore. Unfortunately to out eye most of them seem either out of proportion or out of place. Turning back we made our way back into Telegraph Cove and loaded up for home. Only about two hours on the water but a nice morning paddle. I even worked on my forward stroke.

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