Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diner in Lyon

Tonight we found a small establishment in the old town tucked tight into the corner of three intersecting alleys. We started with pre-dinner drinks at a bar just across the alley from our restaurant. Perfect spot for people watching.

Dinner begins with the morning shopping at the local market.  Smart chefs, professional and amateur gather at the market and inspired by the daily fresh produce start planning the evening meal.

My repast began with a wonderful salad. Consisting of a round of Camembert cheese, carefully warmed, four spears of baguette, a medley of salad leaves with a Balsamic reduction, and four slices of the sweetest tomatoes to cross my  lips in a long long time.  The tomatoes, clearly grown in a field kissed by abundant sunlight where rich in flavour and a total delight.

Yet the crowning touch was a tiny jar of fig jam.  First the baguette is smoothed in the semi melted cheese then a small dollop of fig jam is added.  Bite off the offering and wait for your taste buds to take you to heaven.  So simple yet so rich and complex.

The first course was followed by a traditional Lyon dish.  Sausage and legumes.   Again simplicity is the key.  Four medallions of round pork sausage lightly spiced floating on a bed of legumes in a soft Dijon sweetened mustard sauce.   Just a hint of sauce; a tease.  Vegetarians could drop the sausage.  We chose a fine red Cotes du Rhone wine to compliment our meal.

Finally a creme caramel to finish.

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