Thursday, February 11, 2010

South Georgia Adventure in Jeoprady

Late last week an accident on the support vessel Northanger has put Hayley Shephards attempt to become the first to solo kayak around South Georgia in jeopardy.

The co owner and skipper of the Northanger severed part of his right index finger while underway in Drake Passage.

After being hove to, due to the storm, for three days the vessel diverted to Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands. Short an able bodied sailor the support vessel may not be able to sail to South Georgia. Without the support vessel Hayley's circumnavigation is in serious trouble.

Saturday will be the critical day, if a replacement sailor cannot be found by then the trip will likely be canceled. Waiting longer stretches the favourable weather window just too far.

As an alternative Hayley is considering the possibility of an attempt to circumnavigate the Falkland Islands. She'd be the first female to undertake the endeavour.

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