Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Good news came my way yesterday. My friend and urologist Dr. Iain McAuley gave me the news – there was nothing on the scope. This means that after a seven month battle I am now cancer free.

The flip side of the news is that there remains a one in four chance of the cancer coming back; that's if I do nothing. If I continue with the BCG treatments I can greatly reduce those odds.

The hard part will be completing the treatments. Only 18% ever see the treatments through to the very end. Of the 82% that don't complete the treatments many are forced to quit after developing the TB side affects associated with BCG. Others pack it in fed up with the invasive and not very pleasant experience.

I've signed up and will resume the treatments in October. I'll have to see how far I can make it down this road.

Apologies to my good friend Martin.

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David H. Johnston said...

That's awesome news!

David H. Johnston