Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I've added some links. One is for the Weather Office. This is for the marine weather for the Gulf Islands and the BC coastal areas. Move your mouse around the page and click on the various regions for the latest 12 hour reports. Up at the top you can click on links to ocean buoy reports. Each area has it's own buoys numbered. For example if you click on Georgia Basin then 20 you'll get the latest report from Race Rocks. Usually you can get Temperature, Barometric Pressure, (watch out if it's dropping) Wind direction and speed from each reporting buoy or light house. I say usually because these buoys float in some very unforgiving environments which sometimes knock out the electronics. Another great feature is the Georgia Basin Pressure Slope. I won't try to explain how to read this or how to use it, but if you paddle this area you should develop these skills. Mike Pardy of Skils gives a great lecture on understanding weather in the area. Paddlers in the NW should own a copy of, "The Wind Came All Ways." I have heard some kayakers complain that the book makes their head hurt. Thinking can do that. The link will show you how to get the book. I don't know why people get mad at weathermen. They're like fortune tellers, they only make predictions. I've never heard, " ...and here's Bill Baggins with today's weather sure thing."

The other post is to a web album of photos from New York City. NYC was a family compromise we couldn't decide what tropical island to go to so choose NYC instead. We arrived in the middle of a late season snow storm did the tourist trip but caught a hockey game at MSQ and two Broadway plays. Theatre will never be the same for me.

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